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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The best easy iced coffee.

Thanks to a baby who still doesn't sleep well at night I've been upping my caffeine intake.  On particularly bad mornings I even brew coffee.  I am not a fan of black coffee, I prefer it sweet and creamy.  I have a great iced coffee recipe that we've used from time to time, and it makes about 10 cups.

Iced Coffee

8-10 cups strong coffee
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
*optional chocolate syrup to your taste

Mix it up in a small pitcher and keep it in your fridge.  Then whenever you want some iced coffee just grab a glass full of ice and pour the coffee on it!

Now this recipe is great, but this morning I didn't have time to brew 10 cups of coffee (in our little 4 cup maker) nor did I want that much on hand.  So I thought I'd wing it and I just added sweetened condensed milk to taste.

Adding condensed milk is much easier now that Trader Joe's makes a re-closeable squeeze bottle.  Have you seen these?  Perfect for adding a little to your cup of coffee, and it's even organic!  Also much less sticky/messy than the canned kind.

So save some money and make your next iced coffee at home!


  1. Tried it today and it was great! Much better than I expected it to be. Thanks for the suggestion Anne.

    1. Ha, what a vote of confidence. :) High praise though from my coffee loving sister!

  2. Yum! I need to find that sweetened condensed milk squeeze bottle!!! Genius.

  3. I just mixed up a batch and added about a cup of caramel icecream topping instead of chocolate syrup. OMG! I'm in love. McDonald's was about to break my bank, $4 each. So much cheaper! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

    1. Hooray, so glad you like it! And wow, I didn't realize McD's cost so much!