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Friday, February 3, 2012

Welcome to (Vintage) Fisher Price Fridays

I posted a little peek at our Fisher Price Little People (FPLP) collection a couple weeks ago.  You can see it here.  I had intended on doing one more post about my daughter's collection but quickly realized that I have too much for just one post.  So for the next few weeks or months I'm going to do Fisher Price Fridays and feature different sets.  We have other Fisher Price toys as well such as the old music boxes, baby toys (happy apple) and play sets like the school desk and cash register.

In case you're interested in finding your own FPLP I'll be sharing some secrets about the different places I've bought them from.

Although I may gather or collect these sets and pieces I do not save them as collectibles.  In other words, I believe they are toys to be played with!  We don't keep them in pristine condition and I'm okay with that.
How many pieces do we have?
We currently have around 12 play sets and many many little people and pieces.  I am trying to keep from buying any more, but it is hard.  And you'll understand when you see how cute they are!

How did this collection/obsession start?  
With this little 1990 FP Farm #2555.  My sister in law passed it down to us when my daughter was born.  It is from the period between the older little people and the new modern little people.

You can see a big size difference between the big farmer on his tractor and the older LP farmer in front.  The base is made of plastic but the the barn portion is the same as the vintage sets.  The farm came to us with just the tractor and farmer so I started looking around for animal pieces to add.  That was all it took to get me interested in collecting more and more of the sets.  Especially when seeing them brought back happy childhood memories.  As a child of the 1970's these toys were everywhere and even though we didn't own many pieces I did get to see them at friend's houses, doctor's offices or sunday school rooms.

These are the animals I've found so far.  They are from many different years, which makes it fun to see how the animals have changed.  See the different pigs, cows and sheep?
ETA: I've been informed that some of the animals aren't actually FPLP.  Does anyone know what other sets they may be from?  They say "made in hong kong" on the bottom.  Fortunately they fit great in our barn and play nicely with the other animals. ;)

The horse on the right even holds a rider.

It's a lovely little set and a perfect way to start the collection.  The barn door still makes the mooing sound.  I'm missing a few things from the original #2555 set as well as from older barns (like the silo).  But it works just fine for us and I'm always on the lookout to fill the set in. 

Come back next week for more little people!


  1. Very cute! The pigs and sheep on the left and the horse on the right are not Little People animals, though. Oh, and the fatter cows. Not little peeps. I forget what they are from - I'm sure one of the other little peep experts will chime in. Love your photos though, beautiful!

    1. Thanks for telling me! I got all those animals in one big lot and figured they were just from different years. It's interesting that the horse holds a LP on it, I wonder what it was originally designed for?

      You'll have to stay tuned to my other entries to let me know if I have other non-LP in my collections. :)

  2. I have such great memories about all of these--the Farm was always one of my favorite FPLP sets. Great idea for a blog!

  3. Your post recalls my good memories that i have a set of Vintage Farm Toys older little people, a truck and a house and yes horses also, i put it in the box and i gave it to my niece last year. She loved it a lot...

  4. These toys are all looking adorable....