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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fancy Nancy Valentine Party for Arizona's 100th!

We attended quite the soiree yesterday.  Soiree is a fancy way of saying party. ;)  The Maricopa county library near us had a "Fancy Nancy Celebrates Arizona's 100th Birthday" party.  It was also valentines themed since it was on the 13th.

My 4 year old was very enthusiastic about going to the party, especially since she got to wear her cowgirl dress up costume per the library invitation.

The Fancy Nancy/AZ Centennial theme was found throughout.  They had Fancy Nancy and cowgirl themed books, songs and crafts.  One of the songs was to the tune of "bingo was his name-o" but they said "fancy was her name-o" instead.  Hilarious.

Some of their ideas would be great for a Fancy Nancy themed birthday party.  Especially with the cowgirl/cowboy twist.  

Simple stickers, jewels, short boas and crown shapes to decorate the hats.  The boys had sheriff badges and plain hats.

No valentine party is complete without making a few valentines.  They had colored paper, stickers, small doilies and glitter glue.

Fancy pink lemonade punch and red velvet cupcakes for the snacks.

Of course many Fancy Nancy books decorated the room.

A fun time was had by all.  Happy 100th Birthday Arizona!

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