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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My daughter's pad.

My 4 year old started in real estate quite young.  She acquired her first house at the age of two and a half.

This is her pad.  A fabulous playhouse that's just her size.  Shortly after we moved into our house we had this playhouse made for her.  The builder painted it the same colors as our big house so it matches.  We found the playhouse from a listing on craigslist.

There were many options for style, colors and finishes.  For example I chose to skip having a chimney but wanted an extra window added on the side.

It is very well made, the builder brought it in pieces and put it together in our backyard.  The roof has real shingles.  There is a wood foundation and it's solid.  So solid that we'll have to break it apart in order to get it out when the girls are too old for it.   

I found a play kitchen on craigslist that is suitable for the outdoors.  There is still a lot that I could do inside decorating wise, but haven't gotten around to it yet.  Any ideas?

The measurements are 6 feet by 4 feet and an adult can fit inside.  You just have to watch your head going in and out.  This is grandma and my daughter last summer.  

It's a great hangout for friends.

It does require some upkeep.  In the late summer/early fall when it starts to get nice enough to play outside (before that it's a sauna in the playhouse due to our high summer temps) we do "spring" cleaning.  We wash and wipe off the summer dust and sweep out the dirt.  Then we're ready to play all winter.

The bell hanging off the roof is from Arcosanti.  It makes lovely sounds when the summer winds come around.

Thanks for coming by, see you later!


  1. Her playhouse pad is so amazing! I would like to build one for my toddler as well. The wood roofing has a look that's so naturally warm. Is it light in weight? I'm just wandering what it's like when that pad is extremely exposed to rain or sun. Woods are prone to rotting.

    1. The roof is plywood, then has a roof tar-paper on top, then shingles. Yes, I'd say it's lightweight. Much lighter than the ceramic tiles on our big house! We live in a hot (dessert) climate so we don't get much rain. The house is almost 3 years old and so far no rotting. If you live in a wetter climate I'd suggest putting in real windows to keep the rain out. We didn't do that here b/c of the extreme heat. I just sweep out the house after storms (mostly dust storms). Since it's so hot/dry here the water quickly dries out.

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