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Friday, February 24, 2012

Fisher Price Fridays - Play Family Camper

Today on Fisher Price Friday's it's time to go camping in the 1972 Play Family Camper #994.  Until recently this was my favorite Fisher Price Little People (FPLP) set.  Like the A Frame the camper is cute and compact.  I found just the camper and boat in a large Craigslist lot.  I added the rest of the pieces like the ladder, toilet and sink through eBay and the grill, motorcycle and table/chairs from another Craigslist lot.  I believe that I have all the pieces, although perhaps not the original colors.

The set has many adorable features such as the motorcycle and rider.  He (or she) is the coolest FPLP around.  Although I should point out that the rider didn't come with this set, just the motorcycle did.

Check out the inside, how adorable is that?  It has back doors that swing open, a ladder to get to the bunks (there are 4), a removable toilet and sink and lithographs of kitchen appliances and nick knacks.

My daughter LOVED the little potty.  I found it very useful when we were doing potty training.  The lid flips up and everything.

The little green boat goes on top and can hold 5 little people.  It has lithographs of a crab, fishing pole and tackle box.

Of course the FPLP camp in style so they have a grill, table with umbrella and lounge chairs to hang out in.  

Back in the day the original camper had a yellow plastic string tied to the front of the camper.  Then it could be pulled around by the string.  Other sets had the same feature (like the airplane, train and boat) but sadly most of mine are missing the plastic string.  The set came with 4 Little People: Green Dad (as pictured), Blue Mom with blond hair (not as pictured), Yellow Boy with a red cap (smiling with freckles, also not as pictured) and last but not least Red Girl with blond or brown hair (as pictured).

So did you have the Play Family Camper?  Or do you have it now?  What is your favorite feature?     


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. Anne, why do you torture me with such Fisher Price goodness? This is by far my most favorite! Love, LOVE! Please let me know if you ever see one for sale!

  2. I will keep a look out and I'm sorry to keep torturing you. :) I can't wait to see what you think of the rest of the sets.

  3. My sister and I had the same set. My mom gave it away last year. but to a family with kids so I'm sure they are having fun with it.. We played a lot with this one. Often the dog would ride off on the motorcycle and then of course get in trouble from the family!

    1. This is one of our favorite sets too, although I say that about all of them, ha! I need to do an updated entry of the Play Family Camper with more accurate pictures of what actually came in and with it. Hopefully in the new year!

      I love that your dog stole the motorcycle, what hilarious and inventive play!