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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The view from here

This morning as we were leaving the neighborhood this is what greeted us.

Pretty typical as we see balloons in the mornings and afternoons most days (weather permitting), but still lovely nonetheless.  Sometimes we can hear the flames going up into the balloons because they are so close to the house. I've seen as many as a dozen up at one time.

One of my favorite parts of living up here in the desert is enjoying the balloons flying overhead.  Well, except when they land in the road and block traffic.  That isn't quite as fun.

This was taken last february.  Another balloon was blocking the next road as well and had fallen on a light post. 

But there were no problems this morning.  Just a big colorful balloon gently floating over the neighborhood.  However, as lovely as I find them up in the sky you'll never catch me in one!  

I'll save that for these brave people.

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