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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Goats, Chicks and Donuts - Today's Organic Market Adventure

It is a lovely sunny and moderately warm day.  We started bright and early at the Momma's Organic Market (M.O.M.) at Northern and the 101.

I decided that I'd dress up my baby as a chick today just for fun.  We got the super cute costume as a Christmas present and I figured the market would be a good a place to dress up like a chicken.  What, don't you dress your kids up like farm animals on the weekends?

There were many yummy and beautiful things to see at the market this morning.  One of the big draws for our group was the freshly made donuts from the donut van.

They were giving out samples of hot and fresh powdered, sugared or chocolate dip donut rounds.  Yum yum!

As wonderful as the free donuts were the big excitement of the day was the petting zoo.  We didn't let our kids go in the zoo, but the kind zoo man brought the zoo in the form of a baby kid (goat) to our kids.  Ah, the delight of a calm, warm and sweet goat.

I think the goat was just as intrigued by the chick as she was of him.

Of course we had to pick up some farm fresh organic brown eggs.  We also found beautiful citrus, large lemons and grapefruit 4 for a $1!  

And no visit to the M.O.M. is complete without a stop at the booth of our favorite HappyBaby Food representative.  I wrote about her last month.  She shows off the latest HappyBaby foods and always has samples for the kids.  Today it was pouches of HAPPYTOT, HAPPYSQUEEZE (I eat these, they're for mommies too), HAPPYBABY baby food (for the youngest if she'll just start liking baby food one of these days) and of course HAPPYMELTS a crowd-pleaser for the young and old crowd.

It was a fun day all around.  They're open today until 2 pm if you want donuts, food, goats or other market goodies. 

See you next month M.O.M. :)

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