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Friday, February 17, 2012

Fisher Price Fridays - Play Family A Frame

The most recent addition to our Fisher Price Little People (FPLP) collection is the 1974 Play Family "A"Frame playset #990.  It was a christmas gift from my parents and has become my 4 year olds favorite set (and mine too).  I love that it is so compact, easy to carry around and has cute little details.

The set comes with all of the pieces pictured, although I don't know that they are the exact ones that came with the original boxed set.  For example, some of the sets had a red grill and ours is yellow.  Not that we care around here, but if you're a purist you might. :)

The happy little family has wooden bodies and heads.  I especially love that the little girl is a redhead.  The kitchen includes a stone fireplace (with a roaring fire) and a brightly colored rug.  

Each side has a sliding plastic door and a balcony complete with heart cutouts.  This side has a working "dinner" bell.  The bedroom has bunk beds, which was a first (and a last) for FPLP sets.  They can be separated or stacked.  They originally beds came with foam cushions, but over the years they deteriorated (which is a common problem with all beds).  I'd love to figure out a way to make tiny little sheets or new mattresses but haven't been clever enough yet.  Any suggestions for me?

It has a ladder to get to the second floor and a fold down roof that doubles as a front yard.

My daughter set up a car accident with the 4-seat Jeep.  Don't worry, no FPLP were actually harmed in the making of this photo shoot. ;)

See you next week when the FPLP family takes a trip in their camper.


  1. This is adorable! Something jogged my memory today and I've spent a few minutes Googling all the Fisher Price toys from my childhood. Thanks for the happy memories...

    1. You are very welcome, I am glad to have helped bring back some happy memories! :)

  2. I played with one of these when ibwas little, thanks for sharing

  3. I had one of these. I was the only kid I knew that had one. Everyone else had the "big" suburban house. This made me smile. Thank you