Friday, November 1, 2013

Fisher Price Friday - Timmy's Birthday Party a Sticker Story Book

We had a birthday in our house this week.  I now have a big 6 year old!  All this celebrating made me remember that I haven't shared this sweet old(ish) book with you yet.  It was a birthday present for my 2 year old (earlier this summer) although my older daughter loves it too.  Timmy's Birthday Party : A Sticker Story Book by Lucia Monfried.  Published in 1987 by Little People Books.

Inside the front (and back) cover are stickers, there are 35 all together.  By some miracle I found a book that had all the stickers unused!  Of course they have now been used by my girls, but hey, that's the point of toys and books right?

Each page has places to put different stickers.

Such a fun book!  It was a perfect book for my 2 year old since we had a Little People themed party. :)

Now my big 6 year old has other birthday party plans, she's all about butterflies.  I'll have more on that later.

Here's the book.  I did the video before I let my kids use all the stickers.  Let's just say it looks a lot different now. :)

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