Friday, November 22, 2013

Fisher Price Friday - Little People Jetliner

In honor of all the travel that will be done the next week for Thanksgiving we're taking to the air.  It's the Little People Jetliner #2360.  Made from 1986-1990 this jetliner set came after many other jet sets including the Play Family Fun Jet #183, Jetliner #182 as well as the Jetport #933. 

That's a lot of planes!

Structurally it is like other jets but has different plane and windshield colors.  It should be pulled by a yellow plastic pull string (mine is missing).  It makes a whirring jet like sound when pulled.  It can also be pulled by the Airport/Jetport luggage truck which simply attaches to the hole in the nose (look here for an example).

The Jetliner family included four family members, all with molded hair.  No thin hair for this family!  There could be a few other variations to the family including a mom with lighter brown hair, green dad with brown hair or orange boy with brown hair but they always had molded hair.

Besides the jetliner and family the set also came with two pieces of luggage.  A blue hatbox and a brown suitcase.  Both of these pieces were found in other airplane/plane sets including the Jetliner #182, Jetport #933, Airport #2505 and the Express Train #2581 (just the blue hatbox).  There may have been a version with a dark blue hatbox, which I've never seen but would love to have.

The jetliner holds four passengers and 2-3 pieces of luggage.  The back of the jetliner has lithographs of a rainbow (mine is faded) and stamped on the Fisher-Price logo (with a solid blue background and white lettering or no background and blue lettering) although I've seen a plane with no lettering at all as well as one with no lettering and orange engines!  Either way the lithograph on the tail should have the number #2360.  If it says #933 then it belongs with the Jetport #933.

Happy Thanksgiving Travels.  Hopefully your flights are as smooth as this little family's!

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