Monday, February 13, 2017

Recordable Book - Treasured Memories

This weekend my girls and I pulled out this very special book for the first time since my dad died.  It was super sweet to hear his familiar voice reading along with the pages in the book (and my moms too).

The book was recorded a few years ago when dad was able to read and understand.  At the time I bought it because my parents lived far away and I thought the girls would enjoy hearing their grandparent's voices.

Both girls said it was "so cool" to be able to hear grandpa's voice whenever they wanted.

I agree.

I highly recommend these recordable books.  If you have a parent with dementia or even a grandparent/parent living far away they're a fun treat for your kids.  And if you're in my shoes they're an irreplaceable treasure once your parent is no longer here.

They're a little pricey but worth every penny!

Get your own books here:

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