Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Careful May Shrink in the Wash

2013 - I couldn't find a better photo of me wearing it!

Once upon a time (in 2013) I bought a bright green wool sweater from the jCrew outlet.  It had 3/4 sleeves and was a favorite. 

Around 2015 I accidentally dried it in the drier.  Whoops.  Then it was too small for me.  I tried hard to stretch it out again but it never quite fit the same.  I had placed it in the giveaway pile but had the bright idea to give it to my then 8 year old and it looked great on her!  She wore it for a little over a year.....then last month I dried it in the drier again.  


Then I had the bright idea of having my 5 year old try it on and it looked amazing on her!  Hooray!

Here's to keeping it out of the drier, otherwise it may end up being a dog's sweater. :)

The end. 

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