Sunday, August 6, 2017

School Starts Tomorrow - Summer Highlights :)

Yes it's true, today is my family's last day of summer vacation. The kids start school tomorrow and it will be a bittersweet day for sure!  We had a fun filled summer break with a few trips, lots of play dates and many days just spent at home.  Heaven!

Here are the highlights:

Flower Girls for my Niece Kathryn's Wedding 

Trip to WA to visit family (and get out of the desert oven!!!)

Fishing Trip to Alaska (just my husband and our oldest)

Rubber Ducky Birthday Party to celebrate our 6 year old!!

Swim Lessons (super fun this year)

Pool Play Dates - With Juice Otter Pops!

Vacation Bible School (youngest) and Church Camp in the mountains (oldest)

Summer Facts

  • 3 = Teeth Lost (2 for big sister, 1 for little with another super loose right now!)
  • 3 = States Visited
  • 10.5 = Weeks of Vacation
  • 4 Doctor Visits 
  • 2 Dentist Visits
  • 5 = Modes of unusual transport (National Park Bus, kayak, ferry, UTV, float plane) 
  • 6 = Times watched the movie Moana
  • 12 = Pool Play Dates
  • 14 = Coffee Dates 
Whew, that was a fun summer.  The kids are ready to go back to school and I am hoping that this year is a smooth transition, especially for me!  It was quite an adjustment for me last fall getting used to having all my kids out of the house for full days.  Let's see if this year is better. :)  

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