Thursday, January 10, 2013

Closet Organization - Kid's Bedroom

Today I thought I'd share how I organize my kid's bedroom closet.  I already shared my closet and now it is the girls turn.

My girls share a room and a closet.  Needless to say there are many many little itty bitty and adorable girl clothes to keep track of.  I prefer to have neat, organized and attractive storage spaces.  Fortunately the girl's room has a pretty big closet, so that makes it easier to tuck everything in and away.

I keep baby-girls clothes on the top since only I need to reach them.  I organize them by type (dress, shirt, jumper, etc) and sometimes by color.  On the shelves above I have 3 pretty boxes to hold bigger sized clothes and baby things (a memory box).  Notice that I use (almost) all the same kind of child-sized hangers for my girl's clothes.  It makes for a more cohesive look and the smaller size keeps the clothes on better.

On the middle shelf I stack the girl's jeans.  We don't need many jeans around here in hot Phoenix so this one shelf fits them just fine.  I also have a hair clip holder that was made for me by a good friend.  It's perfect for baby-girl's tiny clips.  It is also a perfect shelf (kid eye level) to put sonogram photos from each of my girls.  The bucket on the far right is decorated with the same fabric as my baby's crib set and is where the 5 year old puts her dance clothes.

To the left I keep a big white (IKEA) box with the next size up or current off-season baby-clothes.  I want easy access to them so that I can keep checking to see what she may fit.  The little box on the shelf holds off-season baby hats (in season are kept in the hall where we put on shoes).

The bottom of the closet has the 5 year old's clothes.  They're at the perfect height for my daughter since she's the one that picks out her clothes and (mostly) puts them away.  I try to organize her clothes by type and color but I have to let it go a bit since she's the one that puts her clothes back.  The white box on the bottom of the closet holds her off-season clothes that are still her current size just in case we need them (for out-of-state trips usually).

The other side of the closet holds some of their off-season clothes.  Especially the big winter coats.  The floor of the closet has the laundry hamper and two big fabric "boxes" that hold stuffed animals and dolls.  This keeps them off the floor but still at easy access.

This side of the closet has extra blankets on the top shelf.  The middle has one box for the clothes the 5 year old has outgrown (once it is full I move it to my closet to save for baby-girl) and another box with the next size up clothes for baby-girl.  The lower shelf holds baby books, mother's memory books, birthday books, a baby memory box and a jar of affirmations from my baby-showers.

So that's the closet.  What do you think?

For a bonus here is a tip for organizing baby clothes in a drawer.  I use the organizers from IKEA to help keep all her itty-bitty clothes by type (including one just for socks!!).  It makes it much easier to keep it all straight even if it still looks messy in this photo, ha!

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