Tuesday, September 10, 2013

No paper towels

In our family we very rarely use a paper towel.  Although one of our family motto's is "keep it clean" we still make messes, but we don't use paper towels to clean them up.  What do we do?

We keep it green and clean by reusing white wash cloths.  I find them a pretty and simple alternative to paper towels.  I buy them in bulk from places like Target or Ikea and keep them folded in this cute wire basket (from Target).  It sits on the kitchen counter where the paper towels would normally go for easy access.

I use them for cleaning counters, my toddler during/after meals, wiping clean dishes, etc.  After a use (or two) I put them in a mesh garbage can under my kitchen sink.  Wet ones fold over the side until they are dry to prevent anything growing down there.  The mesh garbage can is a must, keeps it dry and stink-free.

When I run out of washcloths I wash the entire can and start over.  If they start to look dingy I do a bleach soak (every few months or so).  I keep the extra clean cloths in a drawer (in folded stacks).

I can't take credit for this brilliant idea, it was my friend Sarah's.  

What do you do to keep your kitchen clean and green?

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