Wednesday, September 4, 2013

(semi) Wordless Wednesday - Elmo

My child loves Elmo.  Whenever she sees a photo or video of him she says Elmo.  So when Elmo and his friends visited the AZ Science Center (Sesame Street the Body exhibit) we made a point to go, twice.  We went on Monday, the final day of the exhibit and were able to see the real Elmo in person.  The kids were thrilled!

We decided that it was time to get her her own huggable Elmo but since it was the last day of the exhibit they were all out at the store.  Side note: we got the most adorable Snuffleupagus though!

Later that afternoon we did some treasure hunting (antique and thrift store shopping as a family) and we found him!  $3.99 and a cycle through the washer/dryer later (just put him in a big pillowcase to wash) and she has a new friend.


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