Friday, August 15, 2014

Fisher Price Friday - Roly Poly Chime Ball

I've got a simple little classic baby toy to share today on Fisher Price Friday.  I have been looking for one of these chime balls in the wild (ie- garage sales, thrift stores, etc) for quite awhile now and finally got my hands on two at the same time!

The Roly Poly Chime Ball #165 was made from 1967-1985.  There were two other chime balls; the #162 Roly Poly Boat Chime and the #1150 Chime Ball, a smaller version of the #165.  The balls all have plastic tops and solid bottoms that are weighted so the toy part stays upright.  It is airtight so can be used in the water or on land.  However, I've seen many photos of very worn chime balls with fogged up/smoky looking insides so I'm not sure that they remain airtight over the years!

I love this toy because it has such a soft chime sound.  My girls like to watch it roll all around bowling ball style (yikes!).  It reminds me of the Happy Apple #435 that we also have but the chime ball is little quieter.

The inside of the ball has four rocking toys; two swans and two horses.  The center of the ball has lithographs of shrubs, trees, birds and butterflies.  Underneath the rocking animals the green and brown colored base has many little flowers.  I love the details!

My girls are almost too big for this little toy but it says birth to 4 years old so I guess we'll keep it around for a little longer. :)

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