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Friday, March 2, 2012

Fisher Price Fridays - Baby Toys

I thought I'd take a little break from the Fisher Price Little People sets this week and show some vintage Fisher Price baby toys instead.

Do you remember this one?  It's the 1972 Happy Apple #435.  It is a cheery toy that makes a marvelous chiming sound when you move it back and forth.  It wobbles but doesn't fall over, which makes it perfect for little baby hands.  Clearly it is also fun to chew on, despite it being somewhat heavy.  That or my baby has super-baby strength.  Ha!

Here I am in 1977 with my Happy Apple #435 which apparently made me very happy too.  It isn't the same Happy Apple as mine went missing sometime over the years.  I bought my daughters at a garage sale for 35 cents. Not too shabby.  And yes, we are wearing the same outfit.  My mother saved a few baby outfits for me and I love to dress up my little girls in them to take comparison photos. 

These little guys are from the Floating Family set #411.  The original set came with other pieces including a turtle and a teapot.  

The baby LOVES the little people and the boat and spends the majority of bath time trying to eat them.  Look at her hug that boat.

Last but not least is the shake 'n' roll rattle #451.  I couldn't find a date on mine but they were made between 1973 and 1979.  

This toy is great because it has a few different entertaining parts including a mirror and moving hourglass type beads.  It is also easily held by a baby and appears to be indestructible.  Perfect!

These are the only infant Fisher Price toys I have right now.  Did you have any of these or is there another one that was a favorite?


  1. I found the Happy Apple at the thrift store for $2. Bought it for my son. He didn't play with it long but I love the sound too! May pass it on to a friend with a new baby :)

    1. What a great deal! I think it would make a lovely baby gift.

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  4. Happy Apple is very cute, even though it was a toy my father had played since childhood.

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