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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Flower Fields - Carlsbad, CA

We stumbled upon The Flower Fields last week in Carlsbad California.  I wrote about our stay at the West Inn & Suites here.  It was while checking in that we learned about the flower fields.  The fields just happened to be in season, which is only from March 1st - May 13th.  They also just happened to be only a mile from the hotel.  So on our last full day in Carlsbad we decided to check it out.  

When we were there 30% of the 50 acres were in bloom.  Some fields looked like this one, just starting to show their blooms.

Many fields looked full and vibrant like this one with open flowers.  I loved how they looked like a rainbow of different colors.

So many beautiful photo opportunities in the fields.  I couldn't resist having the baby get at eye level with the flowers to see what she'd do.  She tried to eat the flowers of course, but we got quite a few photos before any serious damage was done to her or the flowers. ;)  And yes, she's wearing the beautiful sweater I wrote about here from Melissa Grace Knits.  It was perfect for slightly chilly day.

The flowers are called Giant Tecolote Ranunculus.  I wasn't familiar with the ranunculus as they don't grow around here in Phoenix.

The purple color was my favorite.  So rich and vivid.

The Flower Fields offered tractor pulled wagon rides around the fields.  Perfect if you wanted to see all 50 acres without walking them.  We hoofed it ourselves, but the wagon looked fun too.

The 4 year old's favorite parts were the playground and the passport activity.  They had 8 stations with different stamps to put on the "passport".  She was SO excited about finding the different stamps and doing it all by herself.  

The playground was pretty special too.  Besides normal play equipment they had old houses and pieces from a now retired California amusement park called Santa's Village.

We had a lovely day at The Flower Fields.  Go check them out if you can!

And yes, we may have driven back with a little ranunculus plant for a friend.  It won't live long in Phoenix but they can enjoy the blooms for now.