Friday, March 9, 2012

Fisher Price Fridays - Play Family House

It's time for a classic this week on Fisher Price Fridays.  The 1980 Play Family House #952, also known as the tudor house.  You must know this one, it's probably the most recognized and memorable vintage Fisher Price Little People (FPLP) play set.  It originally came in blue and yellow (in 1969) and as the styles changed over the years they started making it in brown.

We have some of the original set pieces but my daughter has added many more.  She particularly loves putting all the little people to bed.  We've also added nursery furniture, a sewing machine and a bathroom - more on that later.

The house has 4 rooms plus the garage.  The living room includes lithographs of a roaring fireplace including a mantle with lit candles, fireplace tools and of course a painting of a FPLP relative.  The other side of the room includes a litho of a television set (wooden with legs).  The original set came with living room chairs and a coffee table.  

The kitchen has lithographs of a brick floor, another roaring fire, kitchen appliances, a desk area and lots of cupboards.  You can see a little of the upstairs master bedroom.  It has a lithograph of a closet and dresser.  The original set came with a double bed.

The original house came with a dining table and 4 chairs.  My daughter has added highchairs and other chairs because she loves people to sit.  Putting the little people in things has been a favorite way for her to play with the FPLP.  

The blue door opens and has a bell that rings on the outside.

Little brother does not look very happy about having to go to bed.
The original house came with two twin size beds for the kids room.  It has lithographs of shelves with toys, a train decoration and a lovely braid rug.

But in our house, the kids room is usually set up with nursery furniture.

This bathroom (the mom is on the toilet) does not belong with the house.  However, around the time we were potty training my oldest we picked it up.  We usually put it in the upstairs bedroom and it fits pretty well.  It is designed to go with the Little People Neighborhood #2551.

Another piece that we've added is the patio pool.  It comes from the #726 patio set.  Perfect for a swim if they don't want to go to the bigger pool (that set is still to come).

The attached garage has a door that opens and closes and has enough room for at least one car.  There is a little door opening in the back in case the driver wants to go to the backyard. :)

The back of the house is cute too and has detailed lithographs of plants, shrubs, flowers and even a little girl waving outside the patio door.

Thanks for coming by, see you next week!


  1. I have this. I grew up in a Tudor (my mom still lives there) so it was a must have.

    1. How fun! Did it looks a bit like the FP one?

  2. Hello!
    I am LOVING reading back through your Fisher Price Fridays! I'm in Australia & I am just starting to collect Vintage FP toys for my 2.5yo & 3 month old sons. We love them!!
    We started by getting the Blue & yellow house for $1 (with no people or accessories) at a local community garage sale. I was stoked! Then we found the Hospital & 90% of its people & accessories on Council Cleanup (where you put your big items of rubbish/furniture on the footpath in a pile & the council come pick it up to take to the dump). I couldn't believe it when I spotted it! We love it so much! Then this weekend we got the Schoolhouse & some accessories & people for $10 at a jumble sale & the firehouse/theatre half of the Village (no accessories) for $3 at the sale too. I didn't realise the village should have had another matching side til I read your blog!
    I love reading through your blog to see what FP play sets to look out for next!
    When I was young we had the schoolhouse which Ioved, and my parents still have for the grand kids to play with, so I love finding these sets for my sons too, they brought me lots of joy!
    I have a question- we got the Ringmaster with our schoolhouse, but what set does he belong to?

    1. Hello Charlotte, so glad you found me! I am amazed at your vintage finds over there!! I have a friend in your neck of the woods and she hardly ever finds anything that good.

      Is your ringmaster short or tall? If he's short he went with the Circus Train #991 or the Play Family Circus #125. I have the circus train on my blog, but not the circus. If he's tall then he's the mayor and he went with the Westerners #676, an accessory set for the Western Town #934. The town is on the blog.

      Hope this helps, happy reading!

  3. Thanks for replying! Our ringmaster is short, wooden body with plastic head, so I guess he came with one of the circus sets :) Thanks for the info!
    Yes we have been very lucky with what we've found so far! My favourite piece so far is the wheelchair that came with the hospital. It's just so gorgeous that they made such a tiny little wheelchair, it's so cute!
    Next I'm gonna keep my eye out for the A-frame house. I saw one over here at an antique market and they wanted $80! I laughed! Maybe with my luck I'll find one for $3 at a garage sale. Lol! I can always dream!
    Thanks for writing such a great blog, I love it!

  4. I had the Garage and I had bits and pieces of other Fisher Price furniture. I only had the "Playroom" and the "Garage" as well as the cirus train.

  5. OMG! I used to have the playhouse when I was still in elementary school, but it didn't come with any of the toys. BEST PLAYHOUSE EVER! :)