Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Gold Friends on Best Friends Day

In addition to Donut Day, Cheese Day and Father's Day we also celebrate Best Friends Day in June, and today was the day!  Of course I am very aware that most of these are made up days/holidays but hey, a little celebrating is never a bad thing!

I have been blessed to be living in a community with many wonderful women that I am thankful to call my friends.  I've got a whole tribe here in Phoenix of interesting, caring, selfless, hilarious, creative and talented friends.

However, besides these great women I have a small group of long-time (15-27 years) friends from my childhood/adolescence that are STILL my friends.  This makes them golden for many reasons, primarily for putting up with me all these years. :)  

These women keep in touch with me, visit me, love on my girls and are still an important part of my life. 

So Happy Best Friends Day to my long-long-long time besties, I look forward to more decades of memories with you!

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