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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Donuts Donuts Donuts

Thanks to National Donut Day celebrations yesterday I've got donuts on my mind.  Fortunately for me not all donuts are calorie laden. :)

Here are a few of my current donut favorites, a little something for everyone!

1. I am obsessed with this donut pool float and intend on getting one for the pool this summer.  I LOVE the little bite cut out, perfection for hanging your feet over the side.  You can get one on Amazon for only $19.99 delivered right to your door (my plan).

2. I found these little stuffed donut dog toys on Etsy at Shopawsitive for $6 (plus s/h).  They come in either pink or chocolate and with each purchase the shop donates to animal shelters.  I think my Italian Greyhounds would love them! (they're recommended for dogs under 25 lbs). 

3. Of course I am eying a Fisher Price Little Person figure, personalized with donuts on her dress.  How sweet is she? This cutie is from the Etsy shop thatmakemejoy.

4. Last but not least these matching tank tops are on my favorites list, one of these days I'm going to get one for me (the coffee) and one for my BFF (donuts).  So fun!  These tanks are from the Etsy shop TeesAndTankYouShop ($15.99 each plus s/h). 

If it's *actual* donuts you are looking for try my easy at home recipes!

Contemplating donuts. :) By the way if you missed National Donut Day yesterday don't fear, you'll have another chance to celebrate come November.  That's right, in the USA we have not one but two National Donut Days. 

The more official (and long standing) celebration is the first friday in June, first celebrated in 1938 to recognize the volunteers (Salvation Army) that served donuts to military in WWI.

The second Donut Day was added in recent history in addition to many many other food days, basically as a way to sell more food/donuts!

But I don't mind the reasons behind the days, I'm all about celebrating treats here and there, especially if I can get them free. :)

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