Thursday, June 23, 2016

My Magic Keeping It Cool Cup

I had to share the marvel that is my Starbucks cold cup insulated tumbler.  This thing is practically magic!

I live in Phoenix aka a oven where summer temps range from 90 - hell (125!!).  This week was no exception yet the mighty drink holder kept my drinks icy cold.  A-mazing!

For example yesterday I was running errands in and out of my car all morning.  When we left the house at 8am it was already 95 degrees outside, by 12:30 it was 110.  Yet at 12:30 after being in my hot van for 4.5 hrs my water was still cold.  I kid you not!

So if you live in a hot climate you must get this cup.

You're welcome!

And don't forget to bring it to Starbucks to get FREE refills!

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