Monday, March 14, 2016

3 Drinks for the Price of 1 at Starbucks :)

I am a fan of Starbucks and thanks to my many drinks a week I have "earned" a Starbucks Gold card through March 2018.  Ah-hem.  Anyway, a lovely perk of being a Gold Card member is FREE REFILLS (works for the lower Green level too).  Did you know this and more importantly do you take advantage of it?

I've sort-of-known about this perk but didn't take advantage of it fully until recently.  Here's what I'm talking about.  For the low low price of $2.93 I got not one, but three Grande drinks!  It was such a great deal I did it three times in the last week. 

Drink #1 - A "Misto" my go-to favorite winter drink.  It's basically a cafe au lait, 1/2 brewed coffee (I get the dark blend) and 1/2 steamed milk.  I ask for extra foam and 2 sugar in the raws (for a grande) and a "to-stay" cup whenever possible.  Because it's much better to drink out of a cup and the other customers give you inquisitive and somewhat envious looks.  This drink cost me $2.93 including tax.

Drink #2 - My first refill, a dark brew coffee (still grande) and I add 1/2 and 1/2 and sugar packets.  It rings up as $.50 but when you use your Gold (or Green) Card it zeros out.  Cost = FREE!

Drink #3 - After reading, chatting with friends or just chilling for a couple hours I'm ready to actually leave Starbucks so I ask for my next refill to go.  A (grande again) 2 pump peach green iced tea, easy ice.  Cost = FREE

How great is that?  The free refills FYI include: iced tea (not w/lemonade), iced coffee, hot coffee and hot tea.  No matter what drink you get first (even a frappuccino!!) you can get refills of coffee/tea for free with the Gold (or Green) Card.

If hanging out in a coffee shop for a few hours isn't in your schedule you can also get the refills while you do errands.  A few of my local grocery stores (including Target!!) have Starbucks inside.  I get an iced coffee when entering the grocery store and a refill as I'm leaving.  Two drinks for the price of one ($2.75 for a Grande Vanilla Iced Coffee).

So go caffeinate up before they change this reward!! 

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