Friday, March 25, 2016

Fisher Price Friday - Car and Boat Set

I've got another early Fisher Price set for you, the Car and Boat #685 made between 1968-1969.  It is very similar to the Car and Camper #686 made during the same years.  Those two sets had shared pieces including the trailer, boat and little people.  Only the boat was exclusive.  

The car variations were used for a variety of original sets including the original #952 Play Family House and the #718 Tow Truck and Car.

The Car and Boat set had five pieces; trailer, car, boat, boy and a dog.

The blue and white boat looks very similar to another FP boat so I pictured them side-by-side to show the size differences.

The smaller boat is from the #932 Amusement Park set, the larger for this Car and Boat set. 

There were variations to this set in the cars, trailer colors, boat colors and even the boys.

There were three variations of yellow boys, they had either white, red or blue hats (the blue hat boy is shown in my Car and Camper entry).  In my experience the white hat boys are more difficult to find.  There were three dog variations; red, white or blue dotted collars.  All the figures had straight sides and were smaller than the FP figures to come later.

All of the dog variations were used for a variety of other early Fisher Price sets as well including the #192 School Bus (red collar) and the #952 House (white collar).  Of course these were only for early editions of those sets, as later the figures chunked up like the other little people.

The boats have two holes in the bottom that match up with the trailers pegs which prevent the boats from slipping off while moving.  There are also red/white boats which are more difficult to find that the blue/white combination.

There were four color combinations of cars as shown above.  

Some cars variations had metal rivets.

Whew, that was quite a bit of information for such a tiny little set!  If you'd like to see more car and trailer sets check out:

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