Friday, November 14, 2014

Fisher Price Friday - Indy Racer

I have a small but fun set to share with you today.  It's the Little People Indy Racer #347.  Made from 1983-1990 this set came before the #2450 Race Car set which used 2 of the same pieces.

The 5 piece set came with a truck, trailer, race car, little black helmeted driver and a blue truck driver.  The race car stays on nicely under the yellow lever.  This same lever helps the trailer bed flip up.  

The set was designed for children ages 2-6.  I hope that my girls enjoy it as I plan to give it to the youngest for Christmas this year.

The set came with only two Little People.  A tall blue driver and a small black race car driver.  The tall driver had a variation of a white hat instead of blue.  

The red race car and little driver were later produced by themselves as the #2450 Race Car set.

The yellow and white truck and trailer fit together with a white peg.

The top of the trailer has grooves for the car to fit in.

Happy Racing!

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