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Friday, November 7, 2014

Fisher Price Friday - Dept 56 Fisher Price 2014 Ornaments

Halloween is over so it's time to start talking about Christmas!  These beauties are the 2014 Dept 56 Fisher Price Christmas ornaments (there are a couple more but I only collect the vintage toy ones).  Aren't they lovely?  Today I'd like to show you some detail on two of the ornaments.  The Fisher Price Camera and the Radio Clock.  I paid about $14 each for them on Amazon.  Last year I bought Dept 56 ornaments at Target but sadly didn't see them there today when I checked out the Christmas displays.

First up the Radio Clock ornament.  You may recognize it as the Music Box Clock Radio #107.  The ornament is made of heavy plaster with stickers on the front.  The stickers include the clock face, hickory-dickory sticker and the red turn sticker.  The rest of the clock radio has bright colored paint to make it look like the original.

The ornament does not stand on it's own (front heavy) but will do just fine on a christmas tree hanging from the pretty red ribbon. 

The back is simple, just red with the company logo (Mattel & Dept 56), no cute lithograph like the original.  The top of the ornament has a molded in "handle" and antenna.  Not the real deal but not bad for a replica.

Now onto the Fisher Price Camera, which is a replica of the Changeable Picture Disc Camera #112.  I guess that was too long of a name for the ornament. ;)  

Also made of plaster the camera looks a lot like the original down to the stickers on the flash cube.  Everything is molded in/painted on (no moving parts) but it includes a lens, viewfinder and shutter button.  The camera does have an attached yellow strap much like the original.

Aren't they cute side by side?

It may be made out of plaster but it has many similar features to the original toy.

Don't you love these little ornaments?  They are sweet reminders of past toys.  I plan on keeping my ornaments once the girls outgrow the full sized toys.

I'll be showing the other 2014 Dept 56 Fisher Price ornaments soon.  If you want to see more check out my review of the Fisher Price ornaments from 2013.

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