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Friday, March 11, 2016

Fisher Price Friday - Car and Camper Set

I've got a set that's before my time but well loved here with my littles.  It's the Play Family Car & Camper #686 made between 1968-1970.  The set is tiny and was only made for 3 years but is oh-so-cute!

The set had five pieces including a camper, trailer, car, boy and his trusty dog Lucky.  It had quite a few variations besides the one shown above including different colored cars, trailers, dog collars and even the boy's hat!

The camper is solid wood with lithographs on each side.  The top has a hole just perfect for the dog (or boy) to ride in.

The right side of the camper has the door, lamp and a window that shows a huge salad bowl inside the camper.  Interesting choice!

The left side of the camper has a larger window and this time it's a huge bouquet showing with flowers flying outside the window.

The camper has two holes that fit perfectly over the trailer.  The trailer is plastic with plastic wheels and matching colored axles.  The trailer could be white or red.

The car is plastic with matching plastic axles unlike the later Garage cars that had metal rivets.  The car has a trailer hook in a "C" broken shape and no gas hole.  It came in a red top/white bottom version too.  There were many other small variations for the experts things like metal rivets on the bottom, Fisher Price on the tires, etc.  

The little set had two wooden little people figures.  They both have straight sides unlike the later larger/curvy FPLP to come.  The dog could have a blue, red or white collar all with "dots" rather than lines.  The boy was always yellow but could have a red, white or blue hat.  The red hat version also came with the #685 Car and Boat set as did the blue collar dog.

Happy Camping!

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