Wednesday, February 6, 2013

(semi) Wordless Wednesday - Play dates

I haven't had as much to blog about lately.  I've been making the same old recipes and hanging out with my kids.  That's about it. ;)

We've had lots of play dates in-between colds and viruses.

I am blessed to have such lovely friends with kids around the same age as mine.

Shopping play dates are fun too.  Look at these cuties.

We even had a sleepover play-date last week with a friend whose husband was away on business at the same time.  How cute are these two?  (they are actually sound asleep in this photo)

Duplo play and yes, my 5 year old is wearing an Annie dress over her pjs. 

We also had a "pool" day in my big soaking tub with the kids, swimsuits and all.

That's about it.  Now I'd better go find some new recipes or something!


  1. We love playdates! Fun to see my little rugrat in the mix :)

    1. Yes, looking forward to many more playdates! :)