Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cloth Diapering a Toddler

Hanging out with some freshly dried cloth diapers.
My "baby" will be 19 months next week.  How quickly time flies!  We're going strong with cloth diapering but a few things have changed since she was a tiny newborn.

Until about a month ago I used this changing table for baby-girl.  It had wonderful storage but was taking up too much space and was also a bit of a safety issue since she kept trying to launch herself off of it!

Around the same time she was growing out of the table we were also running out of storage for our children's books.  So we swapped out the table and small bookshelf for a much larger Ikea piece of furniture (more on that later).  I was happy to get rid of the changing table but I still need a place to change her!

Here's what I came up with:

I slipped the changing pad under the armoire.  See the three baskets underneath, I use the one on the far right for diaper accessories (liners, extra diaper pail liner, etc).  The diaper pail (aka - step trash can) is on the right.

The big drawer is where I keep all the diapers, organized by type of course.  

My storage caddy is kept in the closet right behind and is in easy reach if I need water, diaper wipes or creams.

Here we are in action.  This works so well but before I know it that little baby-girl will be potty-training.  I'm in no hurry though!

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