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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Diapering 102

Now the ins and outs of my cloth diapering routine.  If you want more info you can find cloth 101 here.

I use a changing table I found off of craigslist to organize her diapers.  I have a basket for each type of diaper and one for accessories and extras.  I am a fan of being organized and find satisfaction in things being sorted by type and color.  Try not to judge me. ;)  The step can on the left is where the dirty diapers go until wash day.

This is my fitted stash, primarily Goodmama diapers.  They are one size fitteds, so they snap out to get bigger and can be worn from about 10 lbs to potty training.  They are made mostly out of bamboo velour.
Here is the baby wearing a goodmama (aka gm) fitted at her 4 month well-baby appointment.  Each of the diapers have fun names, and there are hundreds of different designs!  This one is called citrus fizz.  I have bought all of my goodmama diapers used.  Yes, used!  In fact I've bought at least half of my diapers used.  Goodmama diapers cost $28-$60 new (for just ONE!) but I can get them used for $10-$18.  For some reason purchasing used diapers has never made me squeamish, I just wash them well before my kids use them.  I also re-sell my diapers which is part of the reason they're so economical.  Some of my diapers I've been able to sell for the same price or even more than I paid for them.  There is a big market out there for reselling diapers.

Where to buy used:
diaperswappers In the for sale or trade section of their forums.  You'll need to register for the site and post a bit before buying or selling, but it's not too hard as there is a ton of information on there!  I've never sold through them but have bought quite a bit for both of my kids stashes.

spots corner on hyenacart Spots Corner is great b/c you just need an account and paypal to purchase here, no record of good feedback is necessary.  It is easy to sell as well (although I haven't).  They have a search function so if you know what kind of diaper you want it is easy to find.

I've also found diapers thru the cloth diapering forum on the bump.com, through a cloth diapering group on livejournal, on a local mom's meet-up group, and through a local yahoo diapering group here in Arizona.  

Don't discount craigslist either, they can be a great resource!  Also friends who are done with their diapers.  I've bought and sold from friends.

Where to buy new:

There are hundreds of different online options for buying cloth diapers.  I have bought from cottonbabies and Mom's Milk Boutique.  I prefer to find places that don't charge shipping!

Now back to my stash.  Here is a photo of my bum genius AIO size smalls.  My baby is just about ready to move up to the next size so then I'll be selling all of these and putting her in mediums. :)

This is what the Bum Genius AIO look like.  On the right you can see the inside, this diaper has an opening where you can add inserts to increase absorbency if you wish.  I prefer the trim look so haven't bothered except if used as an overnight diaper.

My Best Bottom and other covers stash.  The snap-in inserts with the green stitching are the size smalls, and I've just added mediums (like the white one at the end) to the rotation.  She fits the medium much better now, but I'm able to use the same shells since they just snap out to get bigger.  I've also just laid the inserts in other covers and they've worked just fine (very trim too).  In fact I found that the Best Bottom shells didn't fit very well on my baby's skinny legs until she was a few months old, other smaller sized covers fit better.
This is the inside of the best bottom shell and a few of the size small inserts.  I love this diaper b/c it is so trim and there is less to carry in the diaper bag for changes.  They have shells with snaps or velcro and they come in colors and designs (I have a brown one and a cute owl print).

At home I use cloth wipes.  I use baby washcloths and squirt water from a peri bottle onto them before using. Then I just throw the dirty wipe in with the dirty diapers.  Easy peasy!  When out and about I use disposable wipes and keep them with the dirty diapers.  They can be washed with the diapers and then thrown away, so no mess.

Diapering 102 has been a bit longer than I anticipated.  There is so much to say about diapers!  I'll write about my wash routine, detergents, diaper creams and have more tips up next in diapering 103. 

But first, a couple more photos. This tiny little newborn Star Baby Designs fitted was worn by my little baby when she was just a few weeks old.  Now only the little bear can fit it. :)

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