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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Things my baby likes to chew

Does anyone else have a teething baby?  My six month old daughter is an overachiever teeth-wise.  She cut her first 2 teeth at three months and added 4 more before six months.  So she's been shoving things in her mouth for almost her entire life already.

One of her early favorites was Sophie the Giraffe.  The somewhat funny looking, terribly overpriced, french baby teething toy.  It closely resembles a dog-chew toy especially since it squeaks.  In fact in our house we often refer to her teething toys as chew-toys.  Our little Italian Greyhound has been understandably confused at times about this item.

She doesn't use her paci much in the regular way, but she does enjoy playing with it and chewing on it and sticking her thumb inside it.  Ha!  She especially likes to chew on the outside of the paci as well as on the ribbon from the paci holder.  I am mostly relieved that she has decided on her own that she doesn't need the paci anymore.  We keep it around for teething though.

For Christmas I requested nursing necklaces or in our case teething necklaces.  These are great child-safe jewelry that can be worn while nursing.  The child can use their wandering hands to play with the necklace while eating.  They can also play with or chew on the necklaces while being carried or held.  I have three, all found on etsy.  This first one has wooden and knitted beads, it is by far her favorite.

This one is my favorite because it is so pretty.  It was found at the etsy shop Aiko Art. She likes the shapes of the beads for chomping on.

This last one came from the UK and is made of a safe resin.  It was found at this etsy shop called Monkey Mama Necklaces.  It looks the most like a "regular" aka non-child-chewing necklace.  It is also adjustable so can be a choker or a pendant.

Here is the baby showing how it's done just this morning.

The largest item that our baby likes to chew is in fact an exersaucer.  It is a glorified ginormous teething toy in my opinion and I am very thankful for it (and so is she!).

Naturally we also have traditional teethers like the kinds you put in the refrigerator.  But really, when you're a baby any object you are allowed to get your hands on (including your hands, ha!) is a chew toy.



  1. How about those teething biscuts? Love 'em hate 'em? Any great ones? I found a few in my little ones teething days that stained their clothes. Love the necklace idea...wish I had them back in the day :)

  2. We haven't started teething biscuts yet but I have a great recipe that I want to try, so I can make my own. In fact I just pulled it up this morning to check the ingredients. I'll let you know how it turns out. :)

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