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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Are you down with Downton Abbey?

It's Sunday which means another episode of Downton Abbey season 2 is on tonight.  Have you seen this PBS (from the BBC) series?  If not run, don't walk to PBS.com to see the videos online.

The PBS website also has some great extra features like behind the scenes photos, cast interviews, history of the real abbey and other goodies.  On YouTube I came across a hilarious parody of the show from BBC Comic Relief found here and here.

The 2nd season just started last week, but I spent a few days before that catching up and re-watching Season 1.  I've noticed that I've been drinking a lot more tea since this all started.  I am so easily influenced I'm afraid. ;)  I like my tea the English way, with cream and sugar.  Perhaps because I'm part British?  I've also been adding cookies and was thrilled to find some shortbread to have with my tea one night.  The cookies were rejected by my husband but I think they're delicious.  We found them at Sprouts and they are gluten free.  I've also been adding one of my new favorites this winter, Trader Joe's Sugar, Chocolate and Coffee Bean Grinder.  It is the perfect touch to the top of my tea (or coffee).  Especially if I'm drinking gingerbread tea.  Yum yum.

As I type this the show countdown clock on the PBS page says there are 3 hrs and 20 minutes left until show time.  We don't have regular tv here so it may be a bit longer for me.  Last week I saw that they had the show available online that night so I'm hoping it's the case tonight too.  Otherwise I'll have my tea-for-one tomorrow night instead.


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