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Friday, January 27, 2012

4 Reasons that Johnny Rockets may not want us back.

This afternoon my friend Anne and I (yes we have the same name, I'm not talking in the 3rd person or anything weird) decided we'd take our kids out to lunch.  Sounds simple right?

Not so much.  We each have 6 month old babies and she has a 2 year old and I have a 4 year old.  We can clear a room. :)  We chose Johnny Rockets, a family-friendly restaurant but it still was an adventure.

Here's why they may not want us to come back anytime soon.
  1. The entire pepper shaker may have been emptied out onto the table.
  2. We might have accidentally walked in on a senior citizen using the restroom.
  3. Our children perhaps thought the bench was a jungle gym. 
  4. They might have started dancing in the middle of the restaurant before one of them made a break for the exit.

However we'll keep going for the following reasons.
  1. Free balloons, hats, coloring books and crayons.
  2. Kids eat free with an adult meal purchase.
  3. They make little smiley faces out of ketchup (which is great since that's the only vegetable the kids get here, ha!).
  4. It's noisy so our kids fit right in.
  5. The waitstaff break into dancing every 20min or so.

By the way, these two were just lovely.  They enjoyed looking at the balloons as well as all the antics the big-kids were up to.

Oh, and don't worry.  We tipped well and said thank-you and we're sorry a lot.

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