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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So my baby sleeps in a closet.

I have a confession, my almost 6 month old sleeps in a closet.  My closet.  I thought it was a brilliant answer to my issue of a frequently waking baby and a kids room that is too far away.  However, as I told other moms about it they looked at me like I'd said I put my baby on the roof or in the garage. ;)

So here is photo proof that she's doing just fine in there.  It's not a reach in closet after all.  Now, someday I plan on moving her to her crib (in a room shared with her 4 year old sister, yikes) but for now the co-sleeper in the closet will do.  We may have to move to a pack-n-play once she can monkey herself out of the co-sleeper.  Or when my friend having twins needs it, whichever comes first. Ha!

I think early exposure to clothes and style is good, don't you?  Perhaps she'll love the color pink as much as I do after seeing to it night after night.

She's wearing a goodmama fitted (cloth) diaper in this photo by the way.  More about her cloth diapering to come!


  1. So not a big deal! When we used to travel with my son, we'd put the pack & play in the bathroom so he wouldn't see us! :) That way it was like having 2 rooms.

  2. I'll try that this time around. I remember how horrible sleep was with our oldest when she was in the pack & play in the same hotel room. I used to beg every night to go home!

  3. I don't think that there's something bad in your decision. The most important things are her safety and your convenience. Good sleep environment is a must, especially talking about infants. My baby girl was sleeping in her sleep and play yard right next to my bed. If you are interested, you may read this article to learn more about it. I still think that it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.