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Monday, January 9, 2012

Would you like help with that?

When shopping I am often asked "would you like help with that" or "would you like help out with that".  Until recently I always said no.  After all, I'm a capable mommy, why would I need help?

Turns out because help is great!  I first said yes last week at Sprouts when I had too many bags to fit in the cart.  A very nice woman walked out to my car with me, loaded my van and even closed the doors for me.  By the time I had my baby and 4yr old buckled in she was done and we were ready to go.  Heaven!

So today at SuperTarget when asked if I wanted help out I said yes.  Another fabulous worker walked us out and loaded the van.  So easy!

So my advice for today is when asked if you'd like help out say yes!

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