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Monday, January 16, 2012

Cloth diapering 101

We do cloth diapers.  I started cloth with my first and am doing it again with my second.  I do it for a few reasons, in no particular order: the planet, the cuteness factor, my child not being exposed to chemicals and saving money.  With my first I did a combination of sized and one size pockets.  Does that sound like gibberish to you?  I'll explain.

pocket: Diaper that is stuffed with either microfiber, hemp or cotton inserts.  The pros are that they have adjustable absorbency.  The huge con for me was having to stuff them each time!

sized: diapers that come in extra small, small, medium, etc.  The pros are that they tend to be much trimmer, the cons that you have to keep buying the next size up.  Any type of diaper (fitted, pocket, AIO) can be sized.

one-size (OS): A diaper that works from newborn to potty training.  No really, it's true!  They have snaps that snap out/or in depending on the size you want to make them.  They can be closed with either velcro or snaps.  The major pro is one diaper for the whole diapering time!  The cons are they wear out more (especially velcro, also the elastics) and they don't always fit the little newborn/small stage despite the claim.  Also, they can be bulky as the inserts are designed to use for most ages.  This can be adjusted if it's a pocket.  Many brands make OS these days.  I had bum genius with my first child.  

I decided to get a new stash for baby #2 as I didn't want to stuff another pocket diaper ever again!  This time I went with sized AIO, fitted w/covers and a hybrid diaper.

AIO (all-in-one): A diaper that doesn't have to be stuffed, the insert is already sewn in.  Some AIO also have a pocket available if you want to put more absorbency in.  AIO can be sized or OS.  The major pro is the ease of use.  They are the closest to putting on a disposable.  The con I hear the most is that they take longer to dry.  I haven't found that to be a problem however.

fitted: A fabric fitted diaper (elastic around the legs and waist). Can be sized or OS.  They need a cover to be leak proof.  They are often made out of adorable fabrics which is part of the appeal.  At home you may skip a cover.

cover: A waterproof cover that goes around a fitted (or a flat, prefold, etc).  They can be sized or OS.  They can be made of wool or synthetic fabrics (pul for example).  They can be made out of cute fabrics or just plain colors.

hybrid: Also known as all-in-two (AI2).  These are new since I had my first baby and are very cool.  The ones I use have a cover with snap in-inserts.  The cover is OS but the inserts come in sizes, that helps the diaper stay trim.  They can also be used with disposable inserts for those that want them out and about, when traveling, etc.  Popular brands are: Flip, Best Bottom and G-Diaper.

Is your head spinning?  Here are some photos of the cuteness.

My baby in a newborn size (xs) bum genius AIO.  How cute is that?

My firstborn wearing a bum genius one-size pocket diaper.  It is the color blossom.  Her t-shirt so appropriately says "Does this diaper make my butt look big?"

Another newborn shot, this time in a xs bum genius contour.  No old-fashioned pins needed, it's fastened with a "snappi" which is a plastic thingamajig that has teeth to hold the diaper closed.

Next up I'll show photos of my stash, talk more about where I get the diapers, how I take care of them and perhaps a few hints and tips.  If you have any questions make a comment and I'll add that too.

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