Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Baby Has Left the Closet

Remember how my baby slept in the closet for the longest time?  Then when she was a toddler she still slept in the closet for naps?

Well I'm (finally) packing up the pack-and-play.  The days of (occasional) blissful naps due to the darkness of my closet are over.

This little toddler is now capable of:

1. Climbing out of the pack-and-play.
2. Opening (and re closing) multiple doors.
3. Taking off her clothes and diaper.

Oh yes, we entered a fun new stage called "hey look the baby is naked and running around at nap time".

This wouldn't be so bad except we are leaving on a vacation soon in which she will be sleeping every night in a pack-and-play.  Or at least that was the plan.  Sigh.

Kids, gotta love them for keeping us on our toes!

For more info on how I organize my closet go here.

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