Friday, November 8, 2013

Fisher Price Friday - Milk Wagon

Got milk?

Today on Fisher Price Friday we visit a sweet old pull toy, the Milk Wagon #131.  Made from 1964-1972 this wooden wagon toy comes with six milk bottles and a milk crate.  You may have seen a version like it at Target or another toy store as it's recently been reproduced.  However, the new version is all plastic unlike the original.

Each side of the wooden wagon has the same lithograph of a happy cow, floating leaves and flowers and the words Fisher - Price and milk wagon.  When you pull the wagon a bell rings (you can't see it, it's hidden inside).

The front of the wagon is plastic, as are the 4 red wheels.  The driver has a wooden head and hat with a plastic brim.  His head moves side to side as the truck drives.  There should also be a yellow plastic pull string attached to the wagon in the little hole in the front of the truck.  Mine is missing.

The back of the wagon has a lithograph of two cute kids drinking milk and juice out of glasses with straws (2 each!).  It also has the F-P logo and toy number.  The inside of the truck bed has a lithograph with numbers and letters from 1-6.

One sure way to tell a reproduction from the original is to look underneath.  The original is all wood!

The set came with six bottles and a milk carrier, just like the Milk Carrier #637.  It's basically the same, just a turquoise color instead of yellow.  Also, the milk wagon carrier doesn't have lithographs on the side like the Milk Carrier #637.

There were six bottles with blue, green, red, white and yellow caps.  The 1965-1966 version of the wagon had only yellow caps.  The bottle colors are white (regular milk), brown (chocolate milk) and orange (orange juice).  

For more milk fun check out the Milk Carrier #637.

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