Friday, April 26, 2013

Fisher Price Friday - Milk Carrier

Today on Fisher Price Friday I thought we'd go down the food isle.  It's the #637 Milk Carrier.  This little toy was made from 1966-1985 although there were some changes to the bottles from 1983-1985.  The toy was designed for children ages 1-5.  I can tell you that my 1.5 year old absolutely loves these bottles.  She brings them to me one at a time for me to take the top off, for some reason she prefers them open. :)  They also make a great tub toy, just keep the carrier out of the water (it has stickers on the sides).

The set includes 6 plastic "milk" bottles.  Four of the bottles are white with blue, green, red and yellow lids.  There is also an orange bottle with a white lid which is "orange juice".  Finally a brown "chocolate milk" bottle with a white lid.  Starting in 1983 they swapped out the orange juice for a red "fruit punch" bottle.

The yellow carrier has six sections for the bottles to fit into and a plastic handle.

Each side of the carrier has a lithograph with Fisher-Price Toys on it.

It's a favorite toy around my house.  Did you play with the milk bottles when you were a kid?

Note: There are other vintage FP toys that had the same (or similar) milk bottles.  Including #131 Milk Wagon (1964-1972), #2104 Shopping List (1990), #2015 Deluxe Shopping Basket (1990-1996) and a few more from the 1990's.


  1. I am looking for this part of the fisher price milk wagon to purchase and am having trouble finding it. I have the truck only. Any suggestions. Thanks, Lynne

  2. Hello Lynn, the blue milk wagon carrier is a tricky one to find! I had to search for awhile before I found mine on eBay. I suggest saving a few search queries on eBay for "fisher price milk truck", "fisher price milk truck crate", "fisher price milk", etc. Then sort through them and eventually one will come up! Beware of the reproduction milk carrier/crates b/c they are different than the vintage one you want. Good luck!