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Friday, April 5, 2013

Fisher Price Friday - Play Family House Bath/Utility Room Set

Not all of the Fisher Price sets had bases.  Many sets were just toys put together in a theme, like the Play Family House Bath/Utility Set #725.  This set was designed to accompany the Play Family House #952, but could also be played with alone.  It was made from 1972-1978 and there were variations in the colors of the pieces depending on the year.  There were other accessory sets as well including the Patio Set #726, Decorator Set #728 and the Kitchen Set #729.

The Bath/Utility set came with 12 pieces (including 4 people).  The pieces pictured are from the 1973 set (excluding the scale, which is from 1978).  Other years the pieces were different colors, but always the same combinations of turquoise, yellow and lime green.

The bath pieces include a toilet with contrasting flip-up lid, sink, bathtub and a scale.  The bathroom pieces are not original or exclusive to this set.  They are found in other sets such as the Play Family Camper #994 (toilet & sink), Play Family Rooms #909 (all pieces) and Play Family Nursery School #929 (toilet & sink).  The only difference is in the colors, the other sets had white bathroom pieces. 

The utility room pieces include a washer and dryer, sewing machine/table and chair.  These pieces were all exclusive to the set.
The sewing machine/table includes a lithograph of a piece of fabric.  The black lines seen in the lithograph are original to the piece, not added later (which I thought the first time I saw one!).  The sewing machine has different color combinations depending on the year.  They also have a turquoise table/yellow machine and a green table/turquoise machine combo.  The captains chair always matches the table color.

Last but not least the family included in the set.  In 1972 the family had a wood body/wood head. From 1973-1974 the sets had a wood body but the head could be either.  From 1975-1977 the family could have a wood or plastic body and a plastic head.  The last year the set was made in 1978 the pieces were all plastic.  The family remained the same (colors as pictured) until the last year when the little girl's hair changed to a brown bob.

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