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Friday, July 27, 2012

Fisher Price Fridays - Nursery School

Happy Fisher Price Friday!  Today I'd love to show you the Play Family Nursery School #929.  The Nursery School was made between 1978-1979 and then again for one year in 1989.  It is a sweet little day-care or pre-school set.  A few of the nursery set #761 pieces would be a perfect addition if you wanted it to be a day-care.

The Nursery School has four rooms, but no exterior walls.  It has a completely plastic base with lithographs on almost all surfaces.  It is similar to the very popular (and older) #909 Play Family Rooms, but with a school theme.  The base includes a kitchen, bathroom and two classrooms.  It came with 6 little people; 2 adults and 4 children.  I have only 3 of the little people from the set pictured.  It also had a small school bus, the same size as the yellow mini-bus #141 but with a much smaller lithograph of a school theme on the side instead of a camping theme.

There are three exclusive pieces to this set including the blue project table.  The table has a lithograph of arts and craft supplies.  The set included four yellow chairs.

The classroom has colorful and bright lithographs on the walls that include paintings, toys, a clock, a riding toy (do you see the #978 horse toy?) and other fun activities.  

The other two exclusive pieces for this set are this easel and teeter-totter.  The easel has a little lithograph of a child's painting.  The teeter-totter works either inside or on the playground and fits two little people.  

This classroom has sky-blue walls and pictures of a chalk board, bulletin board, coat closet, the alphabet and a very colorful fish mobile.  There is a doorway that connects the two classrooms in one "wall" and a front door entrance.

Unlike the #909 Play Family Rooms this set included a removable roof.  The roof is made of cardboard which unfortunately didn't make it very durable.  It is common for the top to have ripped off or have damage around the handle.  It has pictured roof tiles, a skylight, the Fisher Price logo and children playing on a slide.

The roof doubles as a playground when you turn it over.  It has pictures of a stone walkway, small fountain, sand box, flowers, grass and hopscotch squares.  

The set came with the merry-go-round and slide.  Both pieces were used in several other FPLP sets including the playground #2525, swimming pool #2526 and play family school #923.

The bathroom is very cute with blue "tile" floors, yellow "tile" walls, a mirror, plant, soap dispenser, towel dispenser, smiling trash can and a cabinet with just a peek of what's inside.  The toilet has a lid that goes up and down and a sink.  Both the toilet and the sink are the same ones found in the Camper #994 and the #909 Rooms.

The kitchen is another detailed room complete with brown tile floors, lime-green walls, another clock, towels, a cupboard and even a picture of the dish running away with the spoon. :)  The set comes with a double sink and a stove with 4 burners on top.

The exterior has a open doorway and a window.  The entrance includes a stone walkway and grass/flowers.  There is a small notch cut out of the plastic where the walkway/entrance starts.  The front has shrubs, a mailbox complete with letters and a bird and a sign with a little lamb on it.  

This side also has "landscaping" that includes shrubs, grass and flowers.  Notice the brickwork on the wall and the other side of the lamb sign.  I do love the details, don't you?


  1. Wow, just love this because of sweet old memories...endlessly played with this as a little girl. Think it still exists in a box stored at my parents house. As I recall it there was also a little yellow schoolbus with it, but maybe that was an extra piece apart.Thanks for sharing such a happy moment :)

    1. Yes you are right Martine, there was a little yellow school bus for the nursery school. It was the same size as the mini-van/mini-bus but had a little school design on the side.

      I am glad this brought back happy memories, thank you for stopping by. :)