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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Coconut Ice-Cream Recipe

Did you know that it is national ice-cream day today?  It was established by former President Ronald Reagan back in 1984. I guess he really loved ice-cream too!

I have a few ice-cream recipes on my blog to help you get into the spirit including honey, key-lime, double chocolate, buttermilk, frappuccino and the very popular vanilla (haagen dazs copy-cat recipe).  And today I introduce coconut!

I have a confession to make.  I made this ice-cream a couple weeks ago and it went so fast that I didn't get a good photo.  So that gave me a good reason to make it again last night, you know, so I could take a photo. ;)

This ice-cream was a big hit, everyone around here loved it and I think I'll be making it for our baby's 1st birthday party.  I love that it is a no cook, no egg, easy-peasy recipe!

This recipe is a combination of a few different recipes that I found on Pinterest.  But it's the closest to one from marthawrites.com.

Coconut Ice Cream
*makes about 1 quart

1 cup heavy cream
1 cup milk
1 cup coconut milk (canned, unsweetened)
3/4 cup sugar (or to taste)
1/4 tsp salt
*2-3 cups sweetened flaked coconut, optional

1. In a bowl, whisk together cream, milk and coconut milk.  Add sugar and salt and whisk until the sugar is dissolved, 3-4 minutes.  Keep cold until ready to pour into the ice-cream maker.  Follow ice-cream maker instructions.
2. Optional step: Once the churning is almost through (about 20 minutes) add the flaked coconut and churn a bit more until blended. 
3. Pour soft cream into a container. Freeze 2-5 hours and then serve.

I skipped the coconut flakes as I prefer my ice-cream smooth.

Happy Ice-Cream Day!  


  1. If i have not ice cream maker,cream,milk and coconut milk are combine like liquid,or whipped with hand mixer???

    1. I would try whisking together the ingredients (like in #1), chill in the refrigerator then whip with a hand mixer for a few minutes. Then put it in the freezer and every few minutes mix it again by hand with a spoon until it is frozen. Good luck!

  2. Thank you very much for the answer.!!I'll try as you say me!