Friday, May 24, 2013

Fisher Price Friday - Kitchen Set

Today on Fisher Price Friday I'd like to introduce another accessory set.  This time it's the Play Family House Kitchen Set #729.  Let's just call it the Kitchen Set for short!  The Kitchen Set was made between 1970-1975 as an accessory set for the Play Family House #952.  Like the other accessory sets they came with furniture and people, so could be added to a play set or be used by themselves.

The appliances included a cabinet sink (dual sides), stove/oven (oven door opens) and a refrigerator (both doors open).  These same appliances were later made for the #909 Play Family Rooms set.  They were also used in the #929 Play Family Nursery School but in white.

The table has a lithograph of a beautiful place setting complete with a bouquet of flowers in the middle.  From 1972-1973 the table was brown (as shown), the years before and after it was lime green (like the chairs).  The set also came with two lime green chairs and two medium brown chairs (could also be dark brown or rust, don't get me started on color variations!).  The majority of the chairs having a dot on the back rather than a triangle, but after 1973 they were most likely made with a triangle.  The same table was introduced later in the #909 Play Family Rooms, but only in the lime green color (and with 4 lime green chairs).

A familiar family was included in the set.  From 1970-1973 they were made of all wood (body & head).  From 1974-1975 they had a wood body and plastic head or were all plastic.  The only other change in the family was the little girl, the last year of production she had a brown bob and a green body.  

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