Friday, May 17, 2013

Fisher Price Friday - Children's Hospital

Just a couple months ago I shared the Fisher Price Hospital People.  At the time I only had the people, not the hospital.  Well, I couldn't help myself, I had to get a hospital for my people!

So here it is, the Play Family Children's Hospital #931 made from only 1976-1978.  This set is full of pieces (20!) many of them exclusives to this set.  It is made entirely of plastic and the base has two parts and a handle on top for easy carrying.

When folded the front of the hospital has a big lithograph of windows, many pediatric patients and a few nurses.  The kids may be in the hospital but they're all smiles, well except one boy with a broken leg (in a sling) that isn't looking so happy.

The back of the hospital has more windows and a lithograph of a flag pole/flag, bird bath with many little birds, a happy puppy and the garage door to the ambulance bay.
The sides of the hospital also have lithographs.  The right side has the crank (for the elevator) and a lithograph of a nurse waving out the window while holding a brand new baby.  There are also bushes, flowers and a few (red) birds.  The left side has a lithograph of a difficult patient (refusing his medicine) in the window.  Below the window is a bus stop and a park bench with a nurse and a little blond girl holding a teddy bear.  And of course a couple more birds. This set has a lot of birds!

Now to the accessories, there are 13 different hospital pieces.  All but the ambulance are exclusives to the set.  They include (from L to R): ambulance (also found in sets #123 & #126), two twin beds, x-ray machine, scale, wheelchair (with wheels that move) and a blue chair.  The next row: operating table (with overhead lamp), privacy screen, deep bowl sink/counter, baby bed with "wheels" (they don't really move) and another chair.  Finally in the front a gurney with wheels (that spin) and a velcro strap.

The beds and chairs have familiar shapes (chair in the school, beds in many sets) but these are an exclusive turquoise color.
When you press the x-ray machine down (where the little person stands) it shows a picture of bones.  The scale piece also moves when you press on it (person standing on it) to show their "weight".

Here are the 7 hospital people.  For more information on them go to my entry here.

Inside the hospital there is a elevator.  The white door on the bottom opens and closes so that you can step into the elevator.  The elevator is operated by a crank on the side of the building and the numbers move from 1 to 2 depending on the floor.  There is also a cute lithograph of two children on the second floor trying to escape through the railing.  Good thing they're in the hospital!

The upstairs of the hospital has a lithograph of a red linoleum floor.  The wall has pictures of happy jungle animals.  Also a blue cabinet (matches the beds and chairs), a bouquet of flowers and another teddy bear.

Downstairs also has a lithograph of a blue linoleum floor and the left side has a picture of hospital staff, equipment and a clock (it's 9:25 by the way).  At the top (on the ceiling) you can see a red knob, when you pull it a bell rings.

The opposite side has a hospital person and pictures of supplies.
On the far left of the first floor is the ambulance bay.  It has a plastic molded floor that looks like stones.  The lithograph is of garage and ambulance supplies/tools.  The garage door folds up into the roof.

The top of the hospital has a flip up top with a lithograph of the set name and a few hospital patients and workers.  When the hospital is folded up the flap folds down to help keep the set closed.
Last but not least the fold down flap.  It has a large lithograph of a garden, wood benches, bushes and even a beautiful koi pond.  In many sets this fold down portion is either missing or broken (doesn't attach to the hospital any longer).

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  1. I played with part of this at my church as a pre-teen.