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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Organization - Playroom Part 1

Today I'd love to show you our playroom!  When I was expecting our 2nd baby I decided I'd rather have one room dedicated to sleeping and another to playing.  We recently added this Ikea bookshelf to use the space better.  Before I had a smaller bookshelf unit and a baby changing table.  Go here for more information on that change.  I love pretty much everything about this unit.  In the 4 baskets on the bottom we keep dress up clothes.  Those suckers can really take over a room so it's helpful to have baskets to tuck them away in.

To the right of the bookshelf I have the wall sticker tree and woodland creatures.  I picked it up from Target and for the most part have been able to take of the stickers and reapply them elsewhere (as they claimed).  A few bits of paint were removed here and there, but nothing too major.  Notice the matching Owl lamp on top, also from Target.

To the left of the bookshelf is a large bulletin board to display artwork. I switch them out seasonally or as the art is produced. 

The white rocking chair and ottoman may seem like a poor choice for a playroom but they have washable covers (from Ikea). The ottoman has storage and holds a little organizing secret.

Here's the secret, it's a great place to stash messy and often overflowing children's art. I go through it from time to time to recycle a few (trash, send to family or use as wrapping paper).

stay tuned for Part 2 when I show you the closet!


  1. You don't need to tell me where you found the bookshelf...I did my own research on your blog!