Monday, April 29, 2013

My Favorite Tank Top

Today I thought I'd share one of my very favorite clothing items.  It's not fancy or expensive but it is so very useful.

It's a Tank Top with Shelf Bra and adjustable straps from Costco.  They come in a pack of two (2 different colors) for about $11.  Can't beat that!  I have them in white, black, grey and torquoise.  I wear the white the most as it is the most perfect layering tank.

It's perfect because it is pretty long, but not too thick.  I wear it under t-shirts or tops that are just a bit too short or ones that are just a bit too low cut.  I even wear it to yoga class!  When it's really hot around here I'll even wear it by itself.
When I was pregnant I bought a size up and wore them the entire time.  They were just stretchy and long enough to cover my belly pretty much the entire time!  After the baby I went back down to my regular size and my BFF showed me how they are the perfect nursing top!  For us ah-hem smaller ladies they make nursing tanks obsolete.  You just wear it under your regular top and pull the top (shelf bra part) down when you want to nurse.  Because it has the shelf bra you can get away without wearing a real bra and there is a great spot to hold nursing pads.


So there you go, now you know one of my clothing secrets (in fact I am wearing one right now, ha!).

The black tank top under a sheer shirt for our Christmas Photos.  

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