Friday, May 2, 2014

Fisher Price Friday - What's in my Pockets?

What's in my Pockets? A Surprise Cloth Book was made from 1971-1974.  This colorful cloth book has more than just sweet pictures; each page has an activity to practice zippers, velcro, snaps, etc.  And if that wasn't enough excitement it comes with eight plastic coins to place in each of the pockets.

There were two versions of What's in my Pockets, this "boy" version and a girl version.  The girl version is also cloth but is pink and has different text inside. The girl's version has 8 coins, but with different pictures on them.  Go here to see it closer.

The eight coins have lithographs on each one showing a different object.  They are red, yellow, blue and green.  The coins pictured include:

Green - Apple
Green - Candy (bar)
Red - Airplane
Red - Car (with sweet little vintage FP little person inside!)
Yellow - Marbles
Yellow - Watch
Blue - Acorn
Blue - Radio

The backs of the coins have the FP logo stamped inside with a texture around the letters and a raised rim.  They are unlike any of the other much thicker Fisher Price coins that came with toys.

The book is made of a heavy duty yet soft cotton material.  The fabric is colorfast which is clearly working quite well as the colors are vivid despite its 40+ years!  It is also listed as washable although I haven't been brave enough to give that a try!  The front cover recommends that it is "FOR BOYS Ages 2-6".  Both of my girls (age 2 & 6) love these books although I have to admit to being reluctant to let them play with them unless they are being supervised.  Let's just say those coins are easy to get misplaced and they are VERY difficult to replace (and cost $$$ when you do find them!!).

The book has 10 pages total, with 8 of them having the story text.  
The pockets on my raincoat
Are made in a special way
To keep my treasures nice and dry
When out on a rainy day.

My PATCH POCKET is just a patch
To make a handy pocket.
It can be used for many things
From marbles to a rocket.

When I stand upon my head
And throw myself about
This zipper keeps my pocket shut
Stops things from falling out.

A place to keep my favorite toy
My string and rubber bands
It's big enough to do all that
And warm my chilly hands.

It sticks so nice and tight.
Can you tell me what is in it
Find out if you are right.

This is my SNAP POCKET
It makes a happy, snappy sound
When you discover what it holds,
Tell me what you've found.

I can see it in the morning,
I can see it at bedtime too.
If my HIP POCKET was in the front,
I could look in there with you.

For things I like to hide
Can you find my secret pocket
And what it has inside?

I'll give away the secret. :)  The pocket is in the top of the page, between the cloth sides.

I have a few extra pocket coins, let me know if you are looking for any in particular!

To see the What's In My Pockets #179 (for girls) go here.


  1. I have What's in my Pockets? cloth book (boy version) from when I was little. But I am missing all the tokens. Do you still have some?

    1. I do have some extras that aren't listed in my shop yet David. Send me an email (purple button above towards the top of the page) and I'll email you a photo.

    2. Do you still have those extra pocket coins? We are looking for the candy, acorn and airplane.

  2. Do you still have those extra pocket coins? We are looking for the candy, acorn and airplane.

    1. So sorry Denise, I don't have any of those. I only have the watch and the radio. Good luck!