Friday, February 27, 2015

Fisher Price Friday - Music Box Movie Camera

This vintage Fisher Price toy is a perfect marriage of a music box and a camera, two types of toys that my girls simply love.  It's the Music Box Movie Camera #919 made only between 1968-1970.  The Movie Camera came out the same time as the Changeable Picture Disk Camera #112.

The right side of the movie camera has a red knob that winds the music box up inside.  It also has a small blue lithograph that says Fisher - Price, Music Box Movie Camera with Changeable Picture Disc.  Two little blue birds singing to each other in the corner.  Below the lithograph is a raised picture of a little boy holding the camera (looking into it) while holding another disk in his other hand.

Both cameras came with 5 picture disks (total of 40 images).  The disks are interchangeable between both toys and three of the disks are the same (#2 and #3 are unique).

The music box movie camera disks include:

1. Animals and Their Babies
2. Learning About Color 
3. Learning to Count 1-10
4. Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
5. A Visit to the City

Compared to the Changeable Disk Camera the Music Box Movie Camera is much cooler and more involved, after all it shows pictures and plays music!  It has a music box that plays the song "This Old Man" when you press the (white) trigger.  The disks also turn when you press the (white) trigger.  

The front of the camera has a red "lens" that moves back and forth, although nothing actually changes.   

The viewer is also red and the child can see the image while looking inside, although it won't move forward until they press the white trigger (if the music box is wound).  Above the red viewer circle is another smaller color viewer window with a plastic disk that moves around and changes the color from red to yellow to blue to clear.

The left side of the camera has a storage compartment.  The outside of the door has a lithograph with two happy children facing the camera towards a bird.

You can also see how the camera has a red handle with a yellow/red plastic wrist strap.  That same strap is found on the Picture Story Camera #784 and the Changeable Picture Disk Camera #112.

All 5 disks fit neatly inside.  You can also see where the disks fit in the front for viewing.  The storage door is kept closed with a red plastic knob that moves back and forth.

When the disks are removed you can see the music box workings through a clear plastic viewing window.  Remember that the music box plays "This Old Man", there were no variations.

The top of the Music Box Movie Camera has a blue lithograph with a toy number, Fisher Price logo and a multicolored circle.

This toy is fun, vibrant, colorful and unique.  My youngest (3.5 year old) has a little difficulty making it all work as pulling the trigger, winding and looking is a lot to do at once.  However, with a little help we can make it work together.  

My oldest (seen in the photos) is 7 and does just fine on her own.

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