Friday, July 14, 2017

TOP SECRET: Fisher Price Birthday Present

Can you keep a secret?  My youngest is turning 6 next week and I wanted to share one of her birthday presents today since it's Fisher Price Friday.  On the top of her wish-list were the Fisher Price My Friend Dolls Jenny and Becky.  She already has Nicky and Mandy, presents for her last birthday and Christmas.

She's in love with these little girl dolls and has NO idea that they're from the 1980s.  In fact when she requested Jenny (numerous times) she asked me to go to Target to look for her.

So we did. ;)  We went to Target this week but she wasn't there!  She then asked where I bought the other two dolls and I told her the Internet, ha!

But she need not worry, I already had Jenny wrapped up and ready to go.  I also found a Becky but she'll be hidden until Christmas.

Jenny is new-in-box, not an easy feat for a 1984 doll!  But here she is in her aerobics outfit glory (including leg warmers!!).

I'll be back with more details after the birthday girl opens her up.

I've also found some more My Friend Doll clothes to give her, a few odds and ends that I found on eBay.  My mom got her an almost complete ballet outfit (#228 Ballerina Outfit).  She'll be thrilled.

Here is her current collection of #204 Baby Ann (a soft doll), #206 Nicky and #4009 Special Birthday Mandy.  She's excited to have one more doll to love. :)

So stay tuned and Shhhh, don't tell!

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